Model PGQ Glide Riser Guide


Designed for building risers, it attaches to floors and ceilings. No wall needed

The Glide riser guide isolates 96% of pipe-borne noise.

Specifically designed for building risers, it attaches to the floor and ceiling, so no walls are needed.

The enhanced lateral stability of the Glide riser guide with Metraflex expansion joints allows fewer guides, saving you time and money.

The elastommeric isolator eliminates metal to metal contact between riser pipes and building attachments, so it isolates 96% of transmitted noise.

Self lubricating, patented design is maintenance free. Maximum temperature 250°F.

Stock sizes up to 8 inch pipe with up to 10 inch axial movement. Larger pipe sizes can be guided using additional Glide riser guides. Custom sizes available.

  • Stabilizes pipe beyond EJMA requirements when used with a Metraflex expansion joint
  • Isolates piping noise and vibration
  • Works with steam, hot and cold water
  • Simplifies installation and minimizes material and labor costs
  • Can be welded or clamped to pipe

Riser Glide Screen