Manifold Bellows / Flexible Joints for engine exhaust systems up to 1200°F


From manifold to silencer/muffler

Providing expansion compensation and vibration isolation for engine exhaust systems should be thought of as two unique and different segments. One is the connection between the engine manifold and the silencer or muffler. The other is the piping from the silencer to the roof.

Manifold bellows
This is the section from the engine’s exhaust manifold to the silencer. This section experiences high engine vibration and the highest temperatures. Bellows in this section are used primarily to isolate the engine vibration. The run between engine and silencer is so short, there is very little thermal growth. However, because each engine manufacturer has it’s own unique flange connection to the manifold, the make and model of the engine is needed to specify the correct manifold bellows end connections.

Exhaust piping
The exhaust piping is typically long pipe runs from the silencer through to the roof or thru a nearby wall. Here the issue is the large thermal expansion of the long runs due to the high temperatures. Expansion joints designed for axial compression or lateral offset are required.
Metraflex provides the expansion joints/bellows for both applications.Contact Metraflex for assistance in selecting the right Exhaust Expansion Joints and Manifold Bellows for your application.



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Gaskets & Bolt Kits

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